Moving: Weekdays or Weekends?

Moving: Weekdays or Weekends?

Picking the right moving date is important; Not only do you have to pay attention to the time of year, weather, school year, etc., but most people don’t even think about whether they should move over the weekend or not.


As a general rule of thumb, moving will be more expensive in busy times – peak moving season, weekends, holidays, etc. Therefore, weekday moves are usually cheaper.

Loss of work

If you move during weekdays, you will miss out on some work, which will cost you money – so factor that in when you consider moving costs.

Taking care of business

You’ll need to call an internet provider, the electric company, the phone company, and many more to get started in your new place. Doing so over the weekdays will make sure you will actually get customer service representatives to answer you.

No kids around

Having your kids in school during moving day will come in handy – they will be safe and they won’t have to run around a house full of boxes and people moving them.


Over the weekends, there can be lots of traffic, so make sure to plan ahead and be mentally and physically prepared for it.

Local restrictions

Some residential and commercial areas have laws and guidelines about when and how you can move. For example, in some places, you cannot move on the weekends, use the elevator for moving at peak hours, park the truck outside, etc.

One last thing

Moving can be an easy and simple process, with the help of our trusted packers and movers who are ready to help you take the first step towards a care – free move.

Instead of worrying about the loss of work, kids missing school and back pain, give us a call and we will help you get started with your moving process, by giving you an estimate!

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