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Moving is a high-quality skill and should not be attempted by laypersons! Pianos are weighty and complicated to maneuver, and getting it incorrect can cause irremediable damage to your much-loved tool.

At Chicago Cheap Movers, we know exactly what we’re doing with pianos and have all the right tools, whether it’s an upright or a Grand Piano. So we’ll shift your piano safely from one place to another. Our experts in Long Grove can also store your piano carefully for you if you don’t yet have room for it in your new home.

Local Moving – Comfortable

With our highly skilled team of staff, we offer a completely reliable service to all our customers, giving them total peace of mind in their moves. Thanks to our years of experience, we make an effort to make every move we work on comfortable for our customers, allowing them to have a positive moving experience as we carry out the difficult jobs for them capably and steadfastly.

Why You Choose Our Long Distance Movers

If you’re moving across state lines or beyond, you’ll require a long-distance relocation service. When you choose Chicago Cheap Movers in Long Grove, you can trust that you’re working with professionals who understand how to make your move as stress-free as possible. We’ve got you covered from planning and packing to carrying out the move.


Whatever state in Long Grove you’re considering for a corporate relocation, entering into a deal with Chicago Cheap Movers can make life easier for your Human Resources workers and your transferring or recently hired employees. The objective is to have your workers working, with their minds on their jobs, not on their moving. Chicago Cheap Movers can simplify and speed up that process for you, saving you time, frustration, and money.

Our storage service exemplifies numerous options of short and long-term storage, commercial storage, and personal storage services for you to choose at your convenience, ensuring your electrical devices and goods, fixtures, furnishings, etc. are secured and kept in the definitive appropriate environment. We ensure your stored items are protected! Our storage services in Long Grove include a climate-controlled storage space, which is very imperative to preserve your valuables in their current condition.