Moving on a Budget

Moving on a Budget

Moving incurs unforeseen expenses, leading to unnecessary stress for many people, especially when the money is tight. Creating a moving checklist is essential whenever you are planning to cut a few things off the list. You can also opt to hire packers and you move yourself to save on the moving costs. Other tips you may follow include:

1. Donate or sell off bulky items that you no longer need

Sell whatever old stuff you have to gather more cash for moving or donate things you don’t use to save on moving unnecessary items that will only consume space. If you are moving on short notice, make sure you save some cash prior to get some help while moving.

2. Reuse packing materials

Purchasing new packing material such as bubble wrap could lead to unnecessary spending. You could use more innovative options, including:

  • Using socks to wrap glassware
    • Use kitchen towels to pack plates
    • Use old boxes to protect fragile electronics
    • Explore Craigslist to search for people giving away boxes instead of buying new ones

Final Thoughts

Moving can sometimes lead to financial anxiety, especially if money is tight around. Having a good list and saving some cash earlier before the move can make all the difference.

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