What To Know Before Moving During COVID-19

What To Know Before Moving During COVID-19

It’s not easy to keep up when so many things are uncertain, and if you are in the situation when you have to move during quarantine, it may seem even harder. But usually, our concerns are coming from a lack of information, which is easy to fix. When every day brings us a new reality, it’s essential to be up-to-date. We suggest you read below tips on how to prepare for moving during the lockdown if it’s unavoidable now.

Check With Your Moving Company.

Moving business is considered essential in most states now, but it’s always worth checking with your company directly. Do so also if you had arranged the date already but decided to cancel, the earlier the better.

What Moving Companies Do To Protect From COVID-19?

It depends on a company, but in general they follow federal and local guidelines on local distancing and disinfection, use gloves and masks. Some of the companies switched to virtual survey and estimation instead of an in-home visit. For more precise information, you should check with the moving company directly.

How To Protect Yourself During Relocation?

AMSA posted recommendations on what to do if you have to move during coronavirus quarantine:

  • Try to avoid any disruptions or accidents by planning everything more precisely than ever. When you plan to buy packing supplies, do it at one time or check with your moving company if you can order its delivery.
  • Buy new boxes as the virus can live around 24 hours on cardboard. If you order plastic bins provided by a moving company, make sure to sanitize them before using them.
  • Consider deep cleaning your house and additional disinfection of your belongings while packing.
  • Be ready with everything packed at least 24 hours before the moving crew arrives to avoid possible virus spread.
  • Make a sink, soap, and paper towels available to the movers. If it’s not possible, try to prepare sanitizers.
  • If you have some food left, check if you can donate it in your city to help people in trouble. It will also lighten your load.
  • If you or your family members seem to get symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who did, inform your moving company as soon as possible.

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