Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

Are you considering a move or a relocation? If so, then you’ll need to get some moving boxes and packing materials, as soon as possible. Cardboard boxes can be bought in department stores or through moving companies, but in case you’re on a tight budget and you are looking for some free cardboard boxes, we have some options to offer you:

  • Supermarket/grocery store – they will have lots and lots of boxes in the back, so check out the cardboard recycle bin. Asking the owners or managers of the stores will help – they won’t get mad about your dumpster diving, and you may get a tip on when and where the best and cleanest boxes are available.
  • Copy centers, office buildings – they use a lot of paper, which comes in big strong boxes.
  • Electric supply stores – these are top-notch boxes, because they don’t store food so they don’t smell, and the boxes are usually sturdy – as they need to protect expensive tech.
  • Bookstores – like tech boxes, book boxes also have to be sturdy and reliable, as books are heavy.
  • Coffee shops – some coffee houses try to be more sustainable and recycle more, so if you take some boxes off their hands, you will help them out. Make sure not to take the boxes that smell like coffee, unless you are into your house smelling like coffee until you move.
  • Moving companies – this won’t be free, but free isn’t always the best solution, as it will cost you if things get broken and damaged during the move. Professional packers and movers have the best moving boxes, bins and packing materials, so ask around for a deal on moving boxes and materials, it will save you time and effort and make sure that your belongings are safe and sound until you reach your destination.
  • Recycling centers – every town has one!

Best of luck in your upcoming move, contact us now for an estimate on professional moving boxes!

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