Chicago Suburbs Cheap Movers

Chicago Suburbs Cheap Movers

When you move in or to Chicago and its surrounding area and suburbs, you need to find a reasonably priced moving company. This is the complete guide to finding and hiring the best cheap movers in Greater Chicago:

DIY Vs Professional Movers: Which is Better?

Packing and moving is something you could do on your own and save money, but you really shouldn’t!

We’ve seen some true horror stories about people damaging rental trucks, breaking valuables, irreversibly hurting their backs and knees, getting turned down by the maintenance team, etc.

If you wish to save money, you should hire cheap movers, but also never forget that cheap does not mean bad movers. Some movers aren’t even licensed and insured, so make sure to keep the standard as follows:

  1. Licensed and insured packers and movers only!
  2. Find positive reviews.
  3. Get an estimate.
  4. Check availability – Busy movers are the best movers because people want to hire them. If a mover has all of next week open during peak season, that means that people don’t trust them enough. This is why booking movers in advance is important.

Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

Consider getting moving boxes for books, TVs, art, etc.

For most items, you could opt to get free moving boxes:

  1. Supermarket/grocery store – will have lots of boxes in the back. Downside? Some of those boxes will smell like onions.
  2. Copy centers, office buildings – they use a lot of paper, which comes in big strong boxes.
  3. Electric supply stores – these are top-notch boxes if you can find them.
  4. Coffee shops – they do love to recycle.
  5. Moving companies – have the highest quality moving boxes.
  6. Recycling centers – every town has one!

Moving: Weekdays or Weekends – What’s Cheaper?

When deciding on when to move, don’t only think about the season – think about the time of week best to move.

  1. Moving prices – most of the time, a weekday move will be cheaper.
  2. Losing work – Moving on a weekday will cost you and your family to lose work = lose money.
  3. No service providers – Moving into your new house and not having any Wi-Fi can cause you to lose money if you must go online to work (for people working from home).
  4. Weekday traffic – Spending hours stuck in traffic costs money – for both fuel and food/drinks.
  5. Local restrictions – If you move cross-state and find out you are not allowed to move on the weekend, you will have to pay for hotels, food, and entertainment for the kids.

Finding a Cheap Moving Company in Chicago, Illinois

Follow these simple steps to find the best cheap movers in Chicago:

  1. Get all questions answered: Make sure you get all of your questions answered – from an estimate to viewing their license to work as a moving company, to schedules. The moving company should have moving experts and strategists, to help plan and execute your move in a timely manner.
  2. Ask around: ask friends, family, and co-workers for advice – most people have recommendations for companies that worked with in the past.
  3. Look up reviews: if the company has no reviews whats or ever, avoid it like fire! You must find a reputable company with positive reviews on Google and Facebook.
  4. Compare prices – get quotes from a few packing and moving companies to get a range of what you would spend.

Saving Big Bucks While Moving in Chicago

To save money while moving in Chicago, follow these steps:

  1. Create a moving budget – Divide it into packing, moving, loss of work, decorating, gas, food (many people forget that in the first few days after the move, people eat mostly pizza). ALWAYS add 15%-20% extra for unexpected expenditures.
  2. Create a timeline – When you go over the allotted time for your move, you lose money, so make sure to have enough time for packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, and settling in.
  3. Double checks & final sweeps – Check no utilities are using electricity, and that you haven’t forgotten anything.
  4. Don’t forget your new keys – we’ve seen people arrive at their new place of residence, far away from their previous one, only to realize they have left the keys in their old place, on the counter. This will cost the movers to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a locksmith. The best option is to ask the moving company for their locksmiths, as a package deal. This is done to ensure nobody breaks into your new house – as who knows who the previous occupant gave keys to?


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