Things Easy To Forget When Planning A Business Relocation

Things Easy To Forget When Planning A Business Relocation

Your company is developing and the office is not ready for further growth? You are preparing for a new location, but not sure if you manage to keep everything in mind? We suggest checking these points people tend to forget to be busy with a major plan.

  • New office location. If you are still at the moment of searching for a new location, ask a question, why do you move? What purposes your business relocation should serve? Is it a need to be closer to your stores or market in general? Check, which locations are occupied by your competitors. Also, having a good location may give your company additional points for highly-qualified workers for whom it matters. Try to consider those when looking for a new office.
  • Other reasons for relocation. Think, what kind of issues your current office has? An idea would be to gather your team’s feedback regarding conditions, and you may be surprised by how many things you didn’t know! Maybe it’s poor AC quality or possibility to open windows, lack of electrical plugs or their wrong location? Do you have enough conference rooms with proper sizes to plan the new office correctly? Make sure you check the place yourself and don’t just trust the managers. All those aspects play a crucial role in your company’s efficiency and you shouldn’t underestimate them.
  • Human factor. Sometimes people get panicked when there’s a corporate relocation planned, especially if they are workers with most seniority at the company. Sometimes it just happens from lack of communication. Managers should remember that people are more vulnerable during the relocation, and consider paying more attention to them.
  • Inform your team. We are all humans and sometimes base our expectations on emotions and irrational. This may lead to false expectations, including ones connected with relocation. Sometimes a new office seems like not just a new start for business, but also some promotion or bigger room, different layout if it’s an open space. Here the advice is to share the relocation blueprint and project as well as a bigger picture and purpose. Giving your team a clear purpose of moving into a new place will help avoid irrational expectations.

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