Unpacking: How To Get Started

Unpacking: How To Get Started

Moving can be a big project. It is not only the packing that will take a lot of time but the unpacking as well. These are some tips that help a person unpack and make the process easier.

Unpack Necessities

This is often clothing and other things that a person may have kept close to them during the move. The box of essentials should have some items that will help a person get by for a couple of days until unpacking is complete. They should include toiletries, paperwork, and some items for preparing food.

Unpack the Kitchen

The items that go in the kitchen should be unpacked first. This will allow a person to see what they have and get some appliances hooked up. It will also give them the ability to prepare food.

Move into the Bedrooms

The next thing to unpack is the items for the bedrooms. This will allow a person to get their bed ready and have the room set up the way that they want it.


If a person purchased new furniture now is the time to put it together or to rove the packing from any furniture that was taken along. A person should figure out where they are placing these items before they are put together. This will allow them to have the room set up quickly.

Utility Rooms are Last

Garage, basements, and areas that may be for storage should be unpacked last. It is best to have a plan for the organization before unpacking. Items that go on the patio or a deck do not need to be assembled until everything else is ready. This will give a person the chance to get the inside of the home in order.

These are some tips for unpacking after a move. Unpacking is a lot of work but these tips will help make it easier.

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