Rain / Snow During Your Move & What To Do

Rain / Snow During Your Move & What To Do

Is it raining or snowing during your moving day? Don’t worry, we have the guide to help you avoid weather damage from destroying your most valuable possessions.

You don’t need to reschedule the move

A bit of rain or snow should not deter you from going forward with your move. Professional movers know exactly how to handle it, and we have the tips you need right here!

Before moving day

Rain may come any time of year, so make sure you check the weather forecast at least a week before moving day, and get the supplies if needed.

Cover the moving boxes with waterproof bags, so you wouldn’t see them fall apart.

On moving day

Cover the way from your house to the truck with a waterproof canopy. This will help the people, furniture, and even boxes that are covered with bags – as it’s not 100% watertight.

Get water safety mats, to avoid people holding boxes from slipping on the walkway. A trip to the ER is no way to start your moving day.

Wear proper clothes for both the areas you move from and move to. You don’t want to move to a cold place and shiver all day.

On the drive over to your new home

Make sure you check your car’s ability to drive in rough conditions: from windshield wipers to snow chains.
Make sure you are prepared with enough gas, water and snacks to get through a long traffic jam and even a road block.

Moving blankets

Moving blankets are an essential tool to keep your belongings safe during the move, and for laying them down when you begin unpacking, to avoid water damage from getting into your boxes and from the furniture from scratching your floors.

Trust the moving company

Hire professional moving companies, as they have the experience to move you through snow, rain and scorching heat.

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