Moving in a Hurry: the Guide

Moving in a Hurry: the Guide

Are you planning an unexpected relocation or move? Did you get a surprise eviction notice and have to clear all your belongings out?
Sometimes you just have to rise to the challenge and get it done, and we’re here to help, with these helpful tips and tricks:

Get packing supplies: you could use cardboard boxes, but pro packing materials will safeguard your most valuable belongings better during the move.
Book your moving company, because the last thing you want is to be left out on the curb with all your stuff getting soaked in the rain.
Ask for help – be it friends, family, or professional movers and packers.
• Get your kids enrolled in schools.
• Find your pets a new vet.
Hire a cleaning company: some moving companies will have this option as a bundle when you book the book, as make sure to ask.
Plan the move, week- by- week, day – by- day.
Make lists for everything: packing, cleaning, donating, recycling, chores, etc.
Pay bills: make sure to leave nothing behind for the next tenant to avoid lawsuits.
Label the boxes by rooms and use, for example: Kitchen, glasses.
Visit the new place: get to know your neighbors, surroundings, schools, parks, etc.
Don’t stress too much over it all, in the end, you will be in your new place with your family, settled in and content.
Hire white glove moving services – to help you do it all, from packing to unpacking, locksmith and cleaning, pro movers do it all nowadays.

Best of luck in your hasty move!

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