Choosing a Storage Facility in Chicago

Choosing a Storage Facility in Chicago

You need to store your valuables for a while, but are unsure of where to go? We have the guide to get you on the right track to choose the best storage facility in Chicago for you.

What to look for in a storage unit:

  • Size: measure your belongings and estimate the size of the unit you’ll need. Don’t forget to add some room to move in the unit.
  • Estimate: Think about how long you will use the unit, as long term storage requires ventilation.
  • Climate control for sensitive items: some items need to be indoors, not in a shed – type of construction.
  • Building materials: you want the build quality of the storage facility to be top – notch, water tight, ventilated and well – lit.
  • Accessibility: you want to be able to reach your storage unit with ease, as you may need on occasion to get something from it.
  • Availability and working hours: how many hours a day is the storage unit available? Is the gate open at all hours of the day?
  • Safety: you want to choose a place no one can open but you.
  • Lighting: does the storage facility have enough artificial lighting to see what’s in the units? Or is it so dark, you need a flashlight to see anything?


Choosing a storage facility near you requires planning, but it’s an easy feat once you verify you have the answers to the topics listed above.
Best of luck in finding the right type of storage facility and unit for you!

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