How To Choose A Moving Company

How To Choose A Moving Company

When it comes to moving, locally or across the country, hiring a moving company could be the most convenient and less stressful way to do it, though not the cheapest one. Let’s see what’s important to consider when choosing your movers and how to prevent additional charges being applied.


Company’s License And Insurance.

You should know that every moving company in The U.S. for hire has to have a license and insurance. To find a company’s license number, you can go to the “About Us” section. If you’d like to see more details or ensure the license is relevant, you should visit The U.S. Department of Transportation page. 


Company’s Presence At The Market.

If a company has a long operating experience, it doesn’t always mean providing excellent service now. Then it’s worth to look for recent reviews. Though long-term expertise is essential, it’s not the most crucial point. 


Offered Services. 

Apart from loading, moving, and unloading, different companies offer various options, additionally. Check if you can order packing supplies or rent storage.


Compare The Costs.

Price usually depends on the number of boxes and relocation distance, but they vary from state to state and one company from another. Ask for a free quote on the company’s site if you know a planned date and where you are moving. 


Additional fees.

Try to foresee as many additional services as you may request, check on the web page, or call what it will cost you. If you have to cancel or postpone your relocation, inform the movers as early as you can.


CDC Health Recommendations.

Due to the pandemic, moving companies are obliged to take extra precautions to avoid coronavirus spread. These include moving crew keeping social distance, wearing face masks and gloves, and having disinfectors in the trucks, etc. Ask your moving company what steps they take to protect you and your family from contamination.

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