How To Keep Your House Clean After A Move

How To Keep Your House Clean After A Move

There is nothing so glorious as the feeling of you being home, a new home you just moved in. Everything is fresh and new and demands your attention to make it cozier… But before you get here, you should unpack and clean, and this may stress anyone out. Fortunately, there are easy ways to make it happen, worry-free, and let you enjoy your new home.


How to make yourself unpack and arrange?

Even though the idea of adjusting a new house seems motivating, the least enjoyable part of it goes first and can distract you easily. Setting a deadline would help with it, don’t forget to leave enough time to finish it without rushing.

On a moving day, when boxes are unloaded to related rooms, make sure to prepare basics for your first day. You definitely won’t need a lot to search for if you’d arranged a special box with all the necessities for this day. Make sure to arrange your bathroom and bedroom first and kitchen if it’s possible, and you plan to have your first breakfast home.

What are the ways to maintain your home clean?

Maybe you are not a perfectionist and don’t tend to put things back. Or you are a perfectionist who is always in lack of time. Either way, many people struggle to keep the house tidy as much as we’ want and for a good reason. Researches show that our house impacts happiness. But there’s a solution for any issue, and cleaning is the least of the problems. We prepared some tricks on how to maintain the house neat without dedicating the entire day to cleaning.

Make it a habit

If putting things back is something you are not used to, you should try to create a habit for it. People only need a little bit of repeating something to make it natural, and it just demands some patience. You can try an app for creating habits, where you tick the completed task, and even see your progress.

Break down to small steps

Big aims seem significant, as well as responsibility for achieving them. It may put some extra tension, which you can easily avoid by breaking down the task to small ones until you feel comfortable to beat them. It also makes you feel doing more, as you have more ticks in your list.

Make a schedule

Take the list of small tasks and split them by days in your cleaning schedule. Yes, instead of spending the whole day on it, cross one-two things per day, it will remove the pressure and make you feel doing something bit by bit to accomplish the task.

Try 5-minute rule

It’s a simple idea. Before going to sleep, dedicate only five minutes on arranging things and making some order. It has the same logic as breaking the task into smaller steps. Only five minutes per day, and you will be amazed at how little you will need to do in a week!

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