Last Minute Move

Last Minute Move

In an ideal work people have a month or two to organize a proper relocation, spread the time on weeks and days for a smooth move. But in the real world, it doesn’t happen that often. Vice versa, in the real world it may happen even more often than you can imagine. That’s why we have all those tips for a quick move, which will help to reduce stress and get it done in less than a month!

  1. No time to sort.

When we are under pressure by lack of time, we tend to stress and get distracted easily. This way we may forget about some details or small things. The perfect move is when you find everything you had at the new place, so if you have less than a month to move, don’t risk it, pack everything! Another tip would be to pack things as they are. Pack clothes with hangers and just put them right to suitcases or trash bags or even bed sheets. Open drawers and put everything into one box as it is. Use your own things as packing supplies, like towels for wrapping and socks and tees to fill empty spots in boxes with dishes.

  1. Call a moving company.

It’s a perfect solution for a last-minute move. Moving companies often offer packing service, so if you panic too much, or simply don’t have time, just order it. Real pros will make sure they pack everything accurately and safely.

As you can’t afford to hire a moving company a while in advance, this point should be one of the firsts. The sooner you do it, the better price quote you can ask for.

  1. Ask for help.

If you decide to pack yourself, just ask your friends for help! There’s nothing wrong with that. Opposite, most people either don’t have time to prepare for moving well or underestimate this process complexity and start late enough to be in a rush. Give your friends clear instructions on what to do; and you won’t need to stress when they ask what to do next. Give them the entire room or category to pack, like clothes or books. Even one person can make all the difference with packing.

We hope you use these tips for your last minute move and see that it’s possible!

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